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Windsor LASIK eye surgery

There are plenty of people who live with some sort of vision impairment problem that affects their everyday lives. Many people deal with such vision issues by using prescription eyeglasses or contacts. There are plenty of people who are fine with relying on such things but there are also others who are tired of keeping up with their glasses or contacts. If you find yourself agreeing or feeling the same way, then we here at Dr. Shipley & Associates can provide you with Windsor LASIK surgery.

In order to make sure whether you are eligible for LASIK surgery, you will first need a preliminary exam. This initial exam will help determine whether your eyes are healthy enough for the surgery and whether they will heal properly. Once this is completed and one of our doctors here at Dr. Shipley & Associates  will be able to begin planning your surgery. Windsor LASIK surgery uses advanced laser technology to reshape the cornea and reduce your reliance on vision correction appliances. Most vision impairment issues arise from irregularities in the shape of the cornea. For instance, people with farsightedness have corneas that are flatter than usual, making objects on the foreground more difficult to see. People with nearsightedness have corneas that are more conically shaped and have more difficulty seeing objects in the distance. People with astigmatism will experience something in between both of these extremes since their eye are more irregularly shaped. LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea to restore it to a dome shape as closely as possible so as to best facilitate perfect vision. But it is important that only patients whose eyes are healthy enlighten can undergo this kind of surgery which is why a preliminary exam is required before any work is completed or any surgery is begun.


If you are tired of relying on prescription glasses or contacts in order to see clearly and comfortably, then we here at Dr. Shipley & Associates can provide you with a viable solution. Our eye doctors can help determine whether your eyes are healthy enough for this kind of surgery. If you would like to learn more about Windsor LASIK surgery or if you would like to schedule an appointment, then call us here at  Dr. Shipley & Associates today.

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