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Are you receiving eyeglasses for the very first time, or simply unhappy with your current pair of eyeglasses? Whether you are new to wearing eyeglasses or have worn corrective lenses for many years, the numerous advancements in optical technology can often have even the most seasoned of eyeglass wearers feeling lost in a sea of options and choices. Each of us is unique in our life styles and vision needs, and as such, today’s many different varieties of lens types and coatings can yield the perfect pair if you know what to look for. To find out what can be done today with your eyeglass lenses to give you your best vision yet, be sure to take your questions to your local Sebastopol optical store at the offices of Dr. Shipley & Associates.

Multifocal Lenses Sebastopol
Multifocal Lenses Sebastopol

The most general categories one begins with in choosing eyeglass lenses today is single vision and multifocal vision lenses. Single vision is what many of us every day to see correctly when diagnosed with the most common of optical problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Multifocal lenses are most commonly used to correct the age related condition known as presbyopia when it so often occurs in addition to an already present vision problem. Progressive lenses from your trusted Sebastopol optical store are one the most popular choices in multifocal eyeglass lenses for their improved cosmetic appearance of not having a distinct line through the middle of the separate prescriptions. These lenses also have a more gradual shift from one prescription to the next, for a more natural ease in viewing from near and afar.

As the lives we lead continue to change from decade to decade, so our optical technology has developed to craft specialty lenses to help our eyes adapt to these lifestyles we lead today. Many of us spend a great deal of our time working jobs on computer systems or staring at some sort of LED or LCD screen. While these provide us with phenomenal picture quality, they can also put a great amount of strain on our eyes with continued use. For this reason your professional Sebastopol optical store carries a wide selection of computer lenses designed for viewing at this specific range in order to decrease optical strain. Wavefront lenses are also a great choice for those with severe levels of sight correction, and can assist computer use and night driving dramatically by allowing for improved light refraction.

No matter what your vision needs, you can be sure to find the perfect lenses to meet them at your neighborhood Sebastopol optical store. Our friendly and knowledgeable opticians at Dr. Shipley & Associates are always ready to answer all of your questions about sight correction. For lenses that will truly give you your very best sight yet, take your optical needs to Dr. Shipley & Associates.

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