Santa Rosa Pediatric Eye Care

Santa Rosa Pediatric Eye Care

If your child struggles to read or remain focused on tasks, they might have an undiagnosed vision problem.  Reports estimate that up to 25% of students in elementary school have vision-related problems, which may contribute to poor performance in school.  Before pediatrics begin a new school year, we suggest that you come to Santa Rosa pediatric eye care to have a complete eye exam.  School vision screenings are no substitute for a complete eye exam by your Santa Rosa family optometrist.   At ciprofloxacin prostatitis New Jersey we will evaluate whether your child’s vision is adequately prepared to handle extensive reading and writing.  Schoolwork can put a strain on your child’s eyesight and can cause problems when none existed previously.  Additionally, pediatric eye exams assess vision development in relation to hand-eye coordination.  As children grow they use vision to explore the world by identifying and directing movement. Unresolved vision problems may interrupt the development of perception and eye-hand coordination skills.

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Pediatric Eye Care Santa Rosa

Keeping your eyes healthy is important.  In fact, your annual eye exam is one doctor appointment that you and your children should not miss.  Vision is our most important sense and examinations should begin as early as infancy.  Monitoring the vision development in children, particularly through their school years is very important since healthy eyesight is intricately linked to development of fine motor skills, personality, and school performance.  At Dr. Shipley & Associates we provide thorough new diet pill phentermine and topamax and carry a number of eyewear for children.  Although young children may not be able to read an eye chart, special procedures have been developed that allow our Santa Rosa eye doctors to assess the clarity of sight in children of nearly every age.

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