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Eye Surgery Co-Management in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Eye Surgery
Santa Rosa Eye Surgery

Cataracts that have reached an advanced stage can have their effects reversed with Santa Rosa eye surgery. Here at Dr. Shipley & Associates, we’re pleased to offer a valuable service to our patients who are considering the procedure. With co-management, you can be pre-screened to determine your suitability for the surgery, as well as have all your questions answered so that you can make a relaxed and informed decision.

Protein build ups that develop on the outer surface of your natural eye lenses are what define cataracts. Initially, the disease forms and advances through early stages without offering any indications to alert you. At some point, however, you will either being to notice cloudy or blurry vision, or you will be diagnosed with cataracts as part of a yearly comprehensive eye exam. Special eyeglasses or contact lenses will be prescribed to correct your vision. Over several to many years, you may get updates to the prescription in order to account for the progression of Santa Rosa eye surgery is typically recommended when the ability of corrective eyewear to offer the needed results has ceased. The procedure removes your eye lenses, since it is not possible to separate the protein deposits from the lenses themselves. With them and the cataracts attached to them gone, your blurry and cloudy vision is remedied. However, since you require your lenses for focusing, replacements are necessary. The answer can be found in intraocular lens implants, or IOLs. They are available in both single vision and multifocal varieties. The proper ones for you depend on your vision needs and what your insurance covers. Our eye doctor will help you to determine the most appropriate choice.

Take advantage of our co-management services before getting cataracts surgery. Call us to arrange a convenient time to come in for an appointment.

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