Santa Rosa Contact lenses

Santa Rosa Contact Lenses

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As part of your vision examination, Dr. Shipley and his optical staff will do a special contact lens evaluation to assess the general health of your eyes and make sure contacts will be a good fit.  Our Santa Rosa optical staff is good at making you feel comfortable and look good with a new style.  Licensed opticians and optometrists at the Santa Rosa optical store have had extensive training and clinical experience with the exams and fitting of contact lens.  Dr. Shipley and our optical staff will measure your eyes, and also assist you in placing the contacts in for the first time and provide you with instruction on proper lens care and follow up appointments.  At our Santa Rosa contact lens facility we continually work with the most recent advances in contact lens technology, which include improved comfort and healthiness of the contact lenses themselves.

Santa Rosa Eye Health

Since the eyes live on the surface of our bodies and are see-through, blood vessels, nerves and tissues can be easily viewed with specialized equipment.  This allows our Santa Rosa eye health specialists to be the first to spot certain medical conditions with just a simple eye exam.  Your eye health can easily reveal medical conditions that doctors are able to spot based on what your eyes look like, or how they react to different light.

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