Santa Rosa cataracts

Santa Rosa Cataracts

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Cataract in Santa Rosa

Annual comprehensive eye examinations are an extremely important part of continuing good visual health for a lifetime. Eye care in Santa Rosa by Dr. Shipley & Associates includes a complete examination that not only measures our patient’s visual acuity and prescribes any needed vision corrections but uses the latest in diagnostic equipment and technology to detect and diagnose any current or developing eye disease. Many of the most serious eye diseases, such as Santa Rosa cataracts, can develop slowly over time and exhibit almost no symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage when treatment options are limited and often more invasive. Early diagnosis through annual eye examinations is the only way to detect these diseases.

Santa Rosa cataracts affect the clear lens of the eye. A cataract is a clouding of the lens that starts out small and grows until vision is completely blurred. Cataracts will grow in an individual eye but often a patient will develop cataracts in both eyes, sometimes at about the same time. Symptoms of cataracts include difficulty reading, driving at night with problems from on-coming glaring headlights especially on rainy evenings and difficulty recognizing facial expressions. Eye care in San Diego can help lessen these symptoms through changes in vision corrections until the patient feels that the cataract is interfering with their life.

When Santa Rosa cataracts do start interfering with the patient’s life our doctor will recommend using refractive cataract surgery to permanently fix the problem. During the procedure an ophthalmologist board will remove the clouded-over lens and replace it with an artificial lens. The phacoemulsification procedure is all accomplished via a small incision that is self-sealing, so no sutures are needed. The whole procedure takes about a half hour and is performed under a local anesthetic. After the surgery patients usually have very good long distance vision and no longer glasses for nearsightedness but may still need glasses for reading. Instead of the traditional monofocal artificial lens the doctor can use a newer bi-focal lens that allows the patient good near and distance vision without glasses. Our practice will diagnose the cataract and work with the surgeon on performing all the pre- and post-operative care. Make an appointment with our practice and let our doctor assess your vision and eye health on an annual basis to ensure good eye health for a lifetime.

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