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Petaluma eye doctor

Petaluma eye doctor

At the offices of Dr. Shipley & Associates, our Petaluma eye doctor performs laser vision correction and free LASIK consultations for no extra charge. Many people find that LASIK surgery helps them to have better vision than they ever thought possible, and without the need for eyeglasses or any other corrective devices.

LASIK surgery is one of the most commonly performed eye surgeries done in the United States today. The procedure itself is safe and highly effective when done by a trained professional such as our Petaluma eye doctor. During the procedure, we first numb the eye with eye drops before preparing the patient for surgery. A protective flap is then created to get inside the corneal eye tissue. The laser then reshapes the cornea to improve vision and to eliminate the need for glasses in most patients. The flap is finally repositioned and aligned back to its original position and a protective shield placed over the eye to prevent any rubbing that can damage the newly healing cornea. The entire procedure usually takes no more than 15 minutes, and most patients find their vision is improved within the day, if not immediately. Slight discomfort may be felt, but overall, most patients find they have no irritation and are comfortable.

There are a few different kinds of LASIK performed by our Petaluma eye doctor. The first is custom LASIK, in which the laser vision correction helps us to customize the treatment to your individual eyes. The second is called bladeless LASIK, in which the laser is gently used to create the uniform corneal flap. The eye surgery uses no blades and is highly customizable to each patient. A newer form of LASIK is called Wavefront technology. This type of LASIK creates a customized map of the unique aspects of your visual field which is then transferred to the laser. This enables us to treat each case individually and in a custom-made manner. This type of technology is used in both regular custom LASIK and custom bladeless LASIK. For more information on this and other types of eye treatments and corrections, call our office to make an appointment today. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped to answer any concerns or questions.

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