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Petaluma best optometrist

Petaluma best optometrist

If you have begun to have problems seeing clearly when driving at night, or are having problems seeing images clearly on the television, you may be developing cataracts. Whenever you experience any type of vision change, you should make an appointment to come in to see us at Dr. Shipley & Associates so that you can have your vision assessed. Our Petaluma best optometrist will be able to determine the exact cause of your vision problem; should your problem be determined to be cataracts we will be able to provide you with expert cataract eye care.

Our three expert optometrists are Dr. Les Shipley, Dr. Margot Shipley, and Dr. Nicole Wood. When you come to our vision practice, our optometrist will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam and be able to easily determine whether or not you have cataracts. When you have a cataract you are developing a clouding in the natural lens of your eye. It is impossible to determine exactly how far a cataract will develop, however, most cataracts will eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. Luckily, today’s laser cataract surgery is a way that patients can safely and effectively have their damage lenses removed and have them replaced with clear man-made lenses. Yet, many patients do not want to have cataract surgery until it is absolutely necessary. Often times, patients are able to have their cataracts monitored by our Petaluma best optometrist, who will advise them as to at what point they should see an ophthalmologist regarding laser cataract surgery. Until that time, our patients vision will be able to be made better with new prescription eyeglasses which can be provided by our optometrists. However, almost all patients reach a point when their vision can no longer be corrected with a new lens prescription. At this point, cataract surgery is a great option to finally resolve your cataract problem.

For an appointment to meet with our Petaluma best optometrist for cataract eye care, contact us today.

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