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For nearly forty years, Dr. Shipley & Associates has been your go-to Healdsburg eye doctor. We offer our patients friendly and compassionate eye care. Our experienced staff of dedicated professionals is devoted to the comprehensive needs of each and every one of our patients as unique individuals. The goal of our practice is to provide you and your family with friendly service. We are dedicated to your vision needs and take great pride in improving the vision of our patients and enhancing their quality of life.

Optometrist 95403

Optometrist 95403

One of our many specialties is the treatment and management of eye allergies. Eye allergies are more irritating than dangerous but they should not be ignored. If gone untreated eye allergies can result in scarring of the cornea and greater visual problems down the road. The most common symptoms of eye allergies are itchy eyes and red eyes. There are some basic treatments for eye allergies such as topical creams and drops. But to best understand and treat eye allergies it’s recommended that you consult our Healdsburg eye doctor before acting.

If you are experiencing any eye discomfort it’s best that you make an appointment to see your eye doctor immediately. Hoping the problem will go away or simply waiting for your next eye exam can result in greater damage to the eyes when the solution could be simple treatment and management of allergies. Your vision is precious and that is why it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to eye allergies. If you are experiencing dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes, or any other pain or discomfort in vision come see us at our Healdsburg eye doctor office. Dr. Shipley & Associates is committed to the health and function of your eyes.

Don’t let mother nature slow you down. If you’re experiencing eye allergies make an appointment to come into Dr. Shipley & Associates today. As your go-to Healdsburg eye doctor, we will make sure that you’re discomfort is managed and under control. It’s our job to worry about your eyes so that you are able to be out enjoying your life to the fullest.

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