Eyeglass Frames in Santa Rosa

Eyeglass Frames in Santa Rosa

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Getting the right eyeglass prescription in Santa Rosa

Getting the right eyeglass prescription isn’t so difficult, so long as you go where your needs and preferences are taken with the utmost of seriousness. At the office of Dr. Shipley & Associates, our eye doctor makes certain that the prescription is written accurately and based on your visual requirements right now. Then our optical department puts the prescription into the appropriate pair of lenses so that the result is the sharpest and clearest vision you can achieve.

Maybe you have never worn eyeglasses before. If so, it’s important to improve your vision because if it’s sub-par, you will have difficulties reading or using a computer or seeing street signs properly, etc. Even if you think your vision is okay, you might find that with the right prescription put into our eyeglass frames in Santa Rosa, you have a higher degree of vision. And if you do have an existing prescription, it’s possible that you could benefit from an update to it. For the above reasons, all adults should have an eye exam once per year. Our eye doctor uses various common tests to determine the prescription that is best for you. These tests include having you read from an eye chart, and trying various strength lenses over your eyes, the outcome being a conclusive diagnosis of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, or some combination of them. Our optical department will then take over. You’ll select from our eyeglass frames in Santa Rosa, and our optician will make the lenses you need, whether that means single vision (monofocal), bifocal, or multi-focal. Our practice is dedicated to accuracy, precision, and comfort.

Schedule an appointment with our office today and we will book an appointment for you to come in for an eye exam, after which you can get our eyeglass frames in Santa Rosa completed with a pair of lenses that correct your vision.

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