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As we grow older, our eyes tend to become more susceptible to certain conditions and vision impairments. One of the most common eye conditions that our Sebastopol eye doctor from Dr. Shipley & Associates sees in patients is the cataract. In an eye that has a cataract, the lens gets clouded over. Your vision may come through as blurred or like you are looking through a foggy window. The most common cause of cataracts is age. In fact, over half of Americans over the age of 65 have cataracts. Cataracts can also be present at birth, in which case they are referred to as congenital. Secondary cataracts are another type of the condition in which the cataract is a result of another medical condition such as diabetes, or certain medications that you may be taking. There is also the possibility of experiencing a traumatic cataract, which forms after injuring your eye in some way.

Sebastopol Cataract Eye Care
Sebastopol Cataract Eye Care

The main symptoms that go along with a cataract are the blurry and foggy vision mentioned previously. You may find that your cataract symptoms are obstructive to your vision on a daily basis, making it hard to see while driving, affecting your night vision, and even making it difficult to recognize a friend’s face. If your cataracts have progressed to this level, you should definitely visit our Sebastopol eye doctor at Dr. Shipley & Associates for treatment. In these kinds of highly advanced cases of cataracts, we usually implement cataract surgery. Cataract surgery, fortunately, has a reputation for being highly successful, safe, and effective. If your cataract is earlier in its development, our Sebastopol eye doctor may recommend using stronger lighting or updating your optical prescription. After an examination at Dr. Shipley & Associates, we will be able to confirm which treatment method is best for your individual needs.

If you would like to learn more about cataracts and the related treatment provided by our Sebastopol eye doctor, along with the many other eye care services available to you at Dr. Shipley & Associates, we invite you to visit our practice’s website. Feel free to browse through and get in touch with us by phone or online if you have any questions.

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