Eye allergy Santa Rosa

Eye Allergy Santa Rosa

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Diagnosing and treating eye allergies in Santa Rosa

Eye conditions are more common than people think, and things you deal with every day may actually be the sign of an underlying condition. Symptoms like irritation, itchiness, fatigue, and redness can all be signs of eye allergies. Treatment for eye allergy in Santa Rosa should involve a comprehensive eye exam and treatment, and here at Dr. Shipley & Associates we can provide you with everything you need to manage your symptoms and improve your eye health.

We offer many services here at our state-of-the-art eye care clinic, including comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens examinations and fittings, all types of contact lenses including: soft, toric lenses for astigmatism, bifocal, gas permeable, keratoconus, soft-gas permeable hybrid, aphakic, and custom contact lenses, designer frames and glasses, custom Wavefront LASIK, free laser screenings, as well as treatment and/or co-management of glaucoma, cataracts, red eye, dry eyes and allergies. Allergies are a common issue among individuals with varying eye health types and all ages. Allergies can be a result of the time of year, especially when pollen is abundant, when in the presence of dust and dander, or in response to other things such as perfumes and other substances. Here at Dr. Shipley & Associates, Dr. Shipley or Dr. Wood can take a closer look at your eyes via a series of tests to see what exactly is causing your symptoms and which symptoms you experience, as well as what can be done to manage or eliminate them completely. For most eye allergies, medicated eye drops and lubricants can be administered to alleviate symptoms and to improve the appearance of the eyes, eliminating redness. Oral medications may also help to manage allergy symptoms and prevent flare ups as well.

Our expert staff here at Dr. Shipley & Associates has been providing the Sonoma County of California with stellar customer care and patient treatment for over 40 years. If you need treatment for an eye allergy in Santa Rosa, visit our state-of-the-art optical offices to get the treatment you need today.

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